Beausoft Ltd is based in New Zealand and started business in 1997. It is run by Bob Prangnell, who has almost 30 years software experience on a wide variety of system.

Beausoft's first products were the Autocam range for digital cameras. Webcam Watcher was added to the lineup in 2000. This allows you to watch hundreds (or even thousands) of webcams.

Our flagship product, Netcam Watcher Professional, was released in 2003. This is designed to allow users of network or IP cameras to monitor and record their cameras, producing a fully functional security system.

As well as the product range, Beausoft has worked with several companies to provide custom software development. Most notably, Beausoft developed Panasonic's Network Camera Recorder, which was released in English and Japanese.

In 2006 Beausoft moved to larger premises in Pukekohe, 50km south of Auckland.


Our physical address is:

Beausoft Ltd.
1 Ellivani Rise
Pukekohe 2120
New Zealand

Our FAX number is +64 9 238 8288

Our Telephone number is +64 9 239 0007 (but remember we are in New Zealand and check the time zone before calling.

Live Webcam

You can see live images from outside our offices in Pukekohe, New Zealand by clicking on the camera


Image comes from a Panasonic HCM-280. You can even view it in Netcam Watcher. We do.