Netcam Watcher Main Screen, showing the currently selected camera on the left and thumbnails of your other cameras on the right.

Main Program Features


mdth.jpg spacer.jpgMotion detection recording from multiple cameras simultaneously. Record only the action that you want, saving hard disk space and making reviewing easier. You can also mask out areas where motion is expected (eg. trees blowing in the wind). [more]

almth.jpgspacer.jpgAlarms by audible alert or email. Play a recording ("Get out: You are being watched!") or send an email if motion occurs when it shouldn't. [more]


schth.jpgspacer.jpgEasy to use Scheduler. Program your recordings just like a normal VCR (if you remember those).  Also you can program your Alarms and Patrolling by schedule.  [more]


racth.jpgspacer.jpgRemote Access from anywhere in the world. Remote Control acts like a remote console for Netcam Watcher allowing access over the internet. [more] 

You can even access using the new iPhone Remote Control [more]