Multi-Camera Playback

Often it's useful to be able to play back recordings from multiple cameras and have the recordings synchronized.

Netcam Watcher v3.1 includes the ability to do this for up to six cameras. The playback will remain synchronized even though different cameras might have different frame rates. Or due to motion-detection recording, the cameras might be recording for different periods of time.

Netcam Watcher's Multi Cam Playback lets you perform an multi-cam investigation in a logical way, with the playback jumping from camera to camera as time progresses, allowing you to follow an intruder from camera to camera.

Here's how it works...

First you start playing back a recording on a single camera, as normal. You'll find it works best if you choose the camera that is likely to have the most footage recorded.

You can then "add" further cameras by selecting the camera to be added (using the right hand camera thumbnails) and click Add Selected Camera.

Repeat this process until you have all the relevant cameras added (up to a maximum of six playback windows).

You end up with a display like this:



Now you can use the playback controls on the first camera you opened to control playback on all windows. So you can change the speed, skip forward and backwards. Stop. Advance a frame. And so on.

When playing back, each time a frame is shown on a particular camera, the green light at the left side of the frame flashes on for a moment, showing you which cameras are currently playing. This is useful in tracking playback as it moves from camera to camera.

You can stop and start playback, change speed, move to a different part of the hour, skip to the next or previous hours. In fact, all the controls you normally use are available in multi-camera playback.