Netcam Watcher Remote Control for iPhone



Netcam Watcher Remote Control for iPhone/iPad is a full featured Remote Control client, providing the same functions as the PC version, but in a convenient form for the iPhone and iPad. It is available now from the Apple iTunes App Store, and costs only $14.99. Note that it needs Netcam Watcher Professional v3.2

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Click Here to get instructions on how to set up Remote Control for iPhone/iPad

Free Trial

You can try our free app Netcam Watcher Camera Comparison, which is powered by Remote Control for iPhone/iPad (we cannot do a straight demo version due to Apple restrictions).

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Quick Tour

The opening screen presents you with two options: Connect and Configure.

Screenshot 2011.05.05 13.53.15_sm.pngiPhone


After connecting, you will be presented with a list of your cameras, with thumbnails

Screenshot 2011.05.05 13.53.39_sm.png

Selecting a camera will take you to the Live Image display for that camera.

Screenshot 2011.05.03 15.12.18_sm.pngiPhone


You can Pan/Tilt the camera by touching the live image. For instance, touching the right side of the image will pan right. Touching the center of the image will send the camera to it's Home position.

To Zoom, use the normal iPhone pinch in and out controls, just as you would to zoom in or out on a browser image.

Note that on this screen, you have the normal Stop, Monitor, Motion Detect and Record Every Frame controls that you get on Netcam Watcher Pro and Remote Control.

Clicking More will cycle through other options: Patrol on/off, Start All, Stop All, Presets, Focus Controls and Recordings

This is the Presets screen:

Screenshot 2011.04.26 14.33.13_sm.png

Touching Recordings will take you to a list of recordings.

Screenshot 2011.05.05 14.39.20_sm.png

Selecting a recording opens that recording file

Screenshot 2011.05.03 15.13.05_sm.pngiPhone


On this screen you have the Play button to start playback. The Pause button to pause. The Frame Forward ( > ) and Frame Back ( < ) buttons, and the Next and Prev file buttons.

Note also the button on the top right of the screen. This lets you take a snapshot and save it to the camera roll, or to send it by email.

This button is also present on the Live Image display.


Clicking the Configure button from the main screen opens the simple configuration dialog.

Screenshot 2011.05.05 14.04.42_sm.png

Remote Host Address, Port : This is the address of the PC running Netcam Watcher Professional, and the port you have configured.  If you are on a LAN then this is easy. But if you want to access over the internet or mobile network, you need to enter the public IP address of the router that the PC is connected to. You also need to configure the router to "pass through" the Port. How you do this exactly depends on the router. Sometimes it's shown as "Virtual Server" or "NAT" (network address translation), often under the "advanced" menu in your router.

Username, Password : The username is not currently used. The Password is the Remote Access Password set on the Remote Access tab of the Preferences dialog in Netcam Watcher Professional.

Show Full Resolution : This switch controls the size of the images transmitted to the iPhone. If ON, images use the full resolution of the iPhone. If OFF is selected, images are transmitted half sized. This gives better performance over mobile networks (or the internet).

Setting up the PC End

Run Netcam Watcher Professional and select File >> Preferences. Go to the Remote Access tab.

The iPhone version shares the password with the PC version.

You set the Port on "iOS (iPhone/iPad) Access Port"

Setting up your router is beyond the scope of this, as it depends on your network setup and the router you use. But basically you need to tell the router to pass the requests to the Port that you set up on to  the PC that is running Netcam Watcher. This is exactly the same as passing port 8888 on for the PC version.

Chosing a Port

If you only need to use Remote Control for iPhone over the internet (ie wifi) then the port number does not matter...just choose a number between 0 and 65000 (although some are reserved).

However if you plan to use a mobile network (ie your phone network) then we suggest that you use Port 80 if possible. The reason for this is that some mobile phone providers block many ports for security reasons. Port 80 is never blocked as it's the http port.

So, if you don't have anything else using port 80 on your PC (typically a web server), or have a web server running on your network, then pass port 80 through to your PC in your router.

Note that if you configure Netcam Watcher Pro to use port 80 for iPhone Remote Access, and something else is using that port, you will get an error message when Netcam Watcher starts.

Also, you can see if there is a web server running on your network, and using your external IP address port 80, by simply browsing to your external IP address and see if anything answers. Sometimes the router itself will have a remote diagnostic on that port, but you can either turn this off or change ports.

iPad Version

The iPhone version will run OK on the iPad (both v1 and v2), and you can use the x2 button to zoom.

We have almost finished the iPad version, which will be simply an upgrade to the current version (it's called a Universal App, one that runs on all iOS devices, but works with the proper screen resolutions whatever the device. When it runs on the iPad, some screens are different.)

This will be a free upgrade, so if you have an iPad, you can buy the iPhone version now, and in a couple of weeks or less, upgrade to the Universal version for free.