Netcam Watcher protects homes during the Holidays.

Here's a video recording software application designed to protect home and family during Christmas and the holidays. Now it's easy for homeowners to use a home security camera system and an affordable motion detection software application on their PCs for surveillance and monitoring. Netcam Watcher is the least expensive, easiest software application for families to use for motion detection, and video security.

Netcam Watcher supports a huge variety of network cameras and webcams from more than 50 manufacturers worldwide. And with Netcam Watcher Remote Control for iPhone/iPad, families can monitor their homes when they travel during the holidays. And if Grandma has a PC with a camera, you can monitor her living room from anywhere in the world.


How can webcam monitoring software be so easy to use?

Netcam Watcher has been deisgned to be easy to use and easy to install. Some systems need an IT department to operate, but not so for Netcam Watcher.

How can motion recording software be so affordable?

Because the application is rock-solid and easy to use, we can sell it without a service contract or other hidden charges.  Netcam Watcher is a great Christmas present to give to friends and relatives who travel over the Holidays. It is a powerful, reliable, and low-cost solution for single-camera systems like the ones that families need to protect their relatives, homes, and pets.


Home surveillance software motion detection protects your loved ones.

Netcam Watcher's built-in motion detection software for webcams will alert you whenever the software detects on-camera motion in your home. You'll know immediately if somebody has walked through your front door or parked in your driveway. By monitoring the field of view of your PC's camera, the webcam motion detection software will alert you when there is a threat.

There's no need to fill your PC's hard drive with useless camera footage of your home, yard, or driveway. Simply set Netcam Watcher to record - and to send you an alert - only when it detects motion in the critical area where you point your computer's camera.

The software even lets homeowners record for a few seconds before and after motion has been detected. Netcam Watcher uses its unique "anticipatory buffering" technology to continually capture video from your home computer's camera. The software is always ready to protect your loved-ones and property.

Tripwires give families more sophisticated protection.

Homeowners can fine-tune the motion-detection software by drawing a virtual tripwire across the camera image. For example, simply aim your computer camera at the front door of your, house draw a tripwire line across the image of your front door on your computer screen, and Netcam Watcher's motion detector will alert you (and record what it sees) only when somebody crosses the line.

Or draw a tripwire at the top of the fence surrounding your back yard, and receive an alert or an alarm each time somebody climbs over your fence. It's never been safer for your family to spend time in your home, knowing that they'll be alerted if there is a problem.

Alarms, iPhone Alerts, and more homeowner security.

Netcam Watcher also provides disk space management, alarms, e-mail alerts, and much more to help secure your home and family.

For an additional one-time purchase of $14.99(US), you can have remote access to Netcam Watcher from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. See live images, control the camera (pan/tilt/zoom/focus), and view recordings of your home from your smartphone.

You can monitor your house's front door, or monitor Grandma's front door from hundreds of miles away. Give your family the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your kids, home business, property, and pets are safe and sound.