It's a good idea to read the article "Tips for setting up a Netcam Watcher system" - this gives you more information about how to determine the specs for a PC.

Netcam Watcher Professional and Home Edition

Windows Vista, Windows 7 64bit, 2000, 2003 or XP plus an Internet or network connection and minimum 1GB of RAM.

Recommended Windows Vista, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 2000 or XP and 2Ghz or faster processor and 2GB+ RAM. Multiprocessor enabled on supported operating systems.

NOT Recommended : Windows 7 32 bit - for some unknown reason this version of Windows does not work well with Netcam Watcher. If you must run on Windows 7 32 bit please check the system beforehand that it works OK with Netcam Watcher.

Better For better system performance, use an Intel i5, i7 or Core2 Quad based system with 4GB or more RAM with Windows XP or Windows 7 64 bit

Best For the best system performance, use an Intel i7 based system with 8GB or more RAM with Windows XP or Windows 7 64 bit


Netcam Watcher Remote Control

Requires PC with Windows Vista, Windows 7, 2000, 2003 or XP plus an Internet or network connection and minimum 512MB of RAM.



The actual performance that is achieved is dependent on many variables, such as the PC, network and cameras used. It is also affected by the display modes set up - the more cameras on-screen the more CPU needed.

But as an example, we have motion detection recorded up to 500 Total frames per second on an Intel i7 system. (Frame size was mostly 640x480), using a mixture of cameras from different manufacturers, including Axis, Panasonic, Sony and Vivotek.

To increase the performance of a specific system, use a faster CPU. You can also use faster RAM and disks, but the main bottleneck is the CPU.


Disk Space

The amount if disk space needed depends completely on how long you want to retain your recordings.

If you record every frame then it is a fairly simply matter to calculate the disk space requirements.

Simply record for one minute and note the file size generated. This will vary depending on the camera, frame size, frame quality and the frame rate. This is why we cannot give an answer here, and it's best to measure this yourself using the settings that you plan to use.

Now multiply that file size by 60 to get the amount per hour. And multiply by 24 to get the size per day (assuming that you record 24 hours a day).

However, the best way to use Netcam Watcher is to use Motion Detection recording. And normally this will reduce the disk space used by up to 98%. Of course, it depends on how much motion and is impossible to give a figure that is meaningful. A busy road may not show much reduction while a secure area may show almost 100% reduction.

The only way to estimate this is to record for a day or two and measure the size of the recordings.

Sizing a system can be tricky. If you need any help please contact us as we will be pleased to give advice.