This is just a very small selection of the many unsolicited comments we've received over the years..

bullet.gif Our store got robbed today...armed robbery. Fortunately the software was running and was recording. The police and everyone were very impressed with the amount of pictures and the imaging I could give them. The camera system nailed the guy head on. Your software came through. Thank you very very much Howard M., Indiana, US.

bullet.gif I have over 20 sites installed with this software. My clients and I have tried other software packages - none, by far, is as efficeint, easy to use and as practically functional as NetCam Watcher Pro. I would not hesitate to recomend it to anyone. Paul J, Installer, Connecticut USA

bullet.gif Over the past several years there has been literally dozens of thefts caught on camera by your s/w. Paul R, Washington USA

bullet.gif Nice job on the software.... Ron S., Ohio, US.

bullet.gif Software working great - no problems or issues at all. Great product all around Michael M., Ohio, US.

bullet.gif NetCam Watcher is working great. Based on this success, we want to expand our security camera coverage to more areas of the college Bob P., NY, US.

bullet.gif It is absolutely worth having...Michael A., Florida. US.

bullet.gif I must say that is the fastest I have ever received a reply from a company, and it amazes me that you turned around and recompiled a new install for me. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Chad M., US.

bullet.gif This is great software, someone has spent a lot of time, has do many great little features. Barry M., WA, Australia.

bullet.gif I've just purchased your valued software after a short trial. I'm really satisfied about it and about how it works with our netcam Javier P., Castell Spain.

bullet.gif Guys, I love the software - just what I've been looking for some time. I've got myself cameras and purchased your software today. Michael, SA, Australia.

bullet.gif By the way, you guys have a great product, plus, great support. John C., Texas, US.

bullet.gif One can work wonders with the right software! Works good. Thanks, Steve H., Minnesota, US.

bullet.gif It went very well last night and the client was pleased. "Simple and intuitive", how's that for feedback from an end user. Many Thanks, Jarod B., West Midlands, UK.

bullet.gif We love the current product so much, we need to order another copy. Jeff H., Wisconsin, US.

bullet.gif Thank you for the excellent software. Very excellent, I am very happy to have bought the netcam watcher Pro Michel V., France. Thanks a lot. I got it working again. You got a great product...Lee S., California, US.

bullet.gif Many thanks. I have a registered version of your wonderful software Luca M., Genova, Italy.

bullet.gif Very pleased with the product and this remote control software is just what I've been after! Thanks, Nick G., UK.

bullet.gif Thanks for your quick reply Thanks again...great software and even better support. Dan S., Texas, US.

bullet.gif I've tried others. I should add that these products are more expensive than Netcam Watcher and all in all your software is great value for money. Bob S., NSW, Australia.

bullet.gif Great program! After searching all over for a simple netcam program, yours is the winner for my type of usage! Thank you again for a great program! Mike M., Telecommunications Company, US.

 bullet.gifI have purchased the Net watcher software in the past and I have found it to be great. I will be going to offer your software as part of a complete train monitoring solution and all the tests have gone very well. Cheers, Bayden S., Wellington. New Zealand