This exciting new feature lets Netcam Watcher count and analyse traffic along a road, customers in a store, products on a production line and many other things.

To use, first you need to define a tripwire on a camera, by clicking on Edit Tripwire on the Edit Cam dialog, Recording and Saving tab. Like this:



In the example above, the tripwire (in red) will count vehicles passing along the road.

You can set Netcam Watcher to count and log the trips, and/or it can generate a motion event when the tripwire is tripped. This can be used to generate an alarm.

Analyzing Trips

After Netcam Watcher has collected tripwire data, you can analyze the data for up to 4 cameras at a time by selecting the cameras and then clicking Tools > Analyze Trips for Selected Cameras from the main menu.

This will produce a graph in the format of your choice. Here is a 2D Bar Graph:



Or here is a 3D Line graph:


Or you can view the data as a text report:



In addition to this, you can export the data in CSV format. This allows you to import into a variety of programs including databases (like MS Access) and spreadsheets (like MS Excel)